The main CRaSH team, i.e Alain Defrance and myself will be present at Devoxx 2012 for from Monday to Thursday evening.

On Monday 12th we will present a Tools in Action session. The Tools in Action format is a perfect fit for showing how you can use CRaSH in your daily work. It does not require any particular knowledge except being familliar with Java :-) .

During the session we will show you three use cases that CRaSH can solve:

  • CRaSH the developer's swiss knife
  • Create custom dashboards for aggregating statistics and metrics of the JVM
  • Add a Command Line Interface to your project
  • How to write a shell command

During the talk you will learn how to use CRaSH, the new features of the upcoming 1.2 release and more, here is a teaser video!

On Tuesday 13th we will be present at the Devoxx Hackergarten. The Hackergarten a great opportunity for being involved in CRaSH development, there are many ways for being a contributor, we have some ideas, but the best is that you come with your own :-)

The other days we will enjoy the conference and have a great time!

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01 November 2012