Released today after a 2 months of work, featuring:

Color and styles

CRaSH now supports shell color and styles for increasing the readability of your commands, for example:

The same command in CRaSH 1.1 with better color and formatting:

Spring support

CRaSH can be embedded and configured as a Spring bean providing automatic access to your Spring beans. Writing CRaSH commands that leverage Spring beans is now trivial, now you can extend your Spring applications with CRaSH!

Standalone mode improvements

The standalone mode has a few improvements:

  • a conf/ has been added for configuring the shell
  • the SSH connector has been added


CRaSH can now be fully downloaded and we also provide smaller archives depending on the bundle you like:

  • CRaSH All : all the available bundles
  • CRaSH Standalone : starts a JVM or attach to it a running JVM
  • CRaSH Web : the classic web application bundle
  • CRaSH Spring : embedded as a Spring bean in a web application
  • CRaSH GateIn : extends the web bundle and adds specific GateIn features like Java Content Repository support


If you want to learn more about those features, they have been explained in this nice screen cast:

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06 August 2012