Juzu 0.5 will be released soon and will provide many new great features. Among them now the Mustache templating engine is supported. Mustache is a logic-less templating engine that is language agnostic:

It was important for me to support a second templating language and Mustache is a great choice because:

  • it demonstrate that Juzu can use different templating engine
  • some people wants logic-less languages and try to avoid code in templates
  • it provides that Juzu core is not coupled to the current templating engine
  • Mustache.java implementation has a good architecture and is easy to embed / integrate
  • Mustache is easy to use and understand
  • Mustache can also be used on the client side and later an application could use the same template both on the server and the client

The integration relies on Mustache.java:

  1. mustaches (that’s the name of a mustache file) are also in the “templates” package and ends with “.mustache”
  2. mustache are used and declared exactly the same way than .gtmpl templates (i.e @Inject Path(“index.mustache”) Template
  3. Mustache can also have type safe parameters using the pragma notion which is an extension of Mustache.java : anywhere in the template
  4. At the moment taglibs are coupled to the native groovy template engine and cannot be used. I don’t know if it’s feasible to be able to integrate a tag lib with a .mustache
  5. 5/ Mustache is not embedded in Juzu core and instead is provided as an independent jar : juzu-templating-mustache . The main reason is that Mustache.java relies on the Mustache.java library but also on Google Guava. I want to keep juzu-core the less coupled to third party library.

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08 June 2012