Juzu is an open source web framework I started to work on recently, for several reasons, the most important one is that there is no decent framework for developing portlet application in a simple and productive manner. There are other good and valid reasons.

Juzu deploys on the GateIn Portal and on the Liferay Portal. Perhaps it also deploys on other portals, there aren’t any good reason why Juzu would not work on other portal (except bugs).

Juzu integrates with dependency injection frameworks such as Weld (CDI) and Spring, theoretically it should work with any injection framework providing a good support of the JSR-330 specification (however it requires some custom integration work, as JSR-330 is really lightweight…)

Juzu is a work in progress, however it is advanced enough to deliver the infamous Booking application.

If you are interested in Juzu (using or helping), you can start to read this page.

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31 October 2011