I’m glad to announce the release of CRaSH 1.0.0-beta1!!!

But wait, what is CRaSH?

CRaSH is a shell for Java Content Repository that allows remote connection to a server and performs various operations such as browsing and interacting with the repository, executing queries, performing import/export operations. You can read a complete introduction here.

As a GateIn developer I often use the underlying JCR engine and I developed CRaSH as a companion for my development tasks.

The project is written in Java and Groovy and leverages a few good open source projects:

  • The command system is written in Groovy allowing seamless extension of the shell by adding new commands
  • Netty provides the remote connection capabilities
  • Args4j parses the command line and inject the option and argument in the Groovy commands

It comes as a war file that setup a telnet daemon on the port 5000.

The project is developed on Google Code under the LGPL license and contributions are welcome :-) !

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22 December 2009